military logistics

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Why business intelligence (BI) tools are no longer enough to support today’s military logistics and why a new approach is needed. Maintaining operational effectiveness while balancing budgets is a constant consideration for the military, be it for a whole defense department, support chain, or even military base. Military organizations are now tasked with support responsibility…

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In Aerospace and Defense, maintenance in the field is very different from at the depot or base. The environment is unique, often extreme – movement is rather limited for an engineer in a dark submarine bilge or the underbelly of an aircraft! – and turn-round schedules can be tight. These unique environments are driving new…

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airbus a380

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3D printing is becoming a ‘must have’ for manufacturers rather than a luxury R&D project. Simplifying the process can cause pain for traditional ERP. Top commercial aircraft builder Airbus recently printed 1,000 parts to meet delivery deadlines. With demand for air travel showing no signs of slowing down, civil aviation organizations must ensure aircraft remain airworthy…

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MRO Strategy

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The top-performing maintenance, repair and overhaul companies have defined an enterprise platform to overcome the barrier to organizational change by aligning process management and business intelligence with a common organizational strategy. But oftentimes, enterprise software run by MRO companies does not adequately address the organizational strategy. Even top-tier contractors working on performance-based logistics (PBL) contracts…

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