Planning methods: Which method is recommended for your manufacturing business?

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Jakob Björklund, Senior Advisor IFS R&D, and Mats Johansson, Product Architect CPIM IFS R&D, provide a brief overview of the various planning methods available to manufacturers and when they are considered most useful. This blog post was co-authored by Jakob Björklund, Senior Advisor IFS R&D, and Mats Johansson, Product Architect CPIM IFS R&D. A modern enterprise…

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While there are several features of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that are of great importance, these are the ones I consider to be most important. Selecting your future ERP system can be a daunting task, and it is not always easy to determine which features really matter and which are of less importance….

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Digital Transformation

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The power of digital transformation is so strong that it can change an entire industry. Companies that change the way an industry does business on the foundation of digital technologies are called digital disruptors. Netflix, Spotify, Airbnb, Uber and Alibaba are digital disruptors. Digital transformation refers to how companies leverage digital technologies to change a…

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Process Manufacturing

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2016 will be another year for businesses in the process industry to watch and learn. In 2016, we will see a significant increase in process manufacturing companies collecting transactional data and exploring the Internet of Things (IoT) to increase traceability. IoT is still relatively new to process manufacturing, though, so things aren’t going to happen overnight….

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I’m just back from the UK after two intensive days at the IFS UK user group conference in Birmingham. As usual it was nice to meet all the people in the IFS community, customers, partners and colleagues. I arrived at the second day of the conference and most presentations around our latest version, IFS Applications…

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Last year I joined Gartner’s Supply Chain Executive Conference in London. I attended a presentation by Tim Payne, a Gartner Research VP focused on Supply Chain Planning. The presentation title was “A Strategic Road Map for Supply Chain Technology”. One of the key questions for someone interested in acquiring supply chain technology is of course…

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How do we create a business process that offers the distinct attributes needed to support the company’s strategies and create competitive advantage? How do we find an ERP broad yet specific enough to provide real business agility? This is a move for ERP up the value chain. An investment in ERP is not just a way to get a modern, supported and cost effective replacement of an outdated ERP, but a key component on the path to strategic alignment.

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During my 20 years with IFS, I have spent a lot of time trying to convince companies – predominantly in the process manufacturing sector with companies in food and beverage, pharmaceuticals or chemicals – that IFS Applications is the best ERP solution available on the market. Being part of these selection processes makes you start…

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Heaven Hill Distilleries explains how they’ve achieved their goals and how they became more agile. Recently, I was in conversation with Christian Hestermann, Research Director at Gartner. Christian talked about what is different with IFS compared to our competitors and how IFS is a very open company with a strong product and good customer references. I…

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Recent incidents like the horse meat scandal or McDonald’s in China offering expired meat are just the tip of an iceberg of events in the process manufacturing industry that not only jeopardize consumer health but also cause serious long term damage to the company’s brand, investors and other stakeholders. Many of these incidents could have…

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