Environmental Reporting

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In 2015, 6.2 gigatonnes of carbon (tCO2e) were traded globally valued at $52.8Bn, and the figures are accelerating. The Greenhouse Gas (GHG) market is big business and a win-win for savvy business leaders and eco-warriors alike. (Figures by Climate Observer) This two-part blog series introduces environmental reporting as a means of compliance, adding value, efficiency…

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Poor business ethics can lead to a huge devaluation for both Tangibles and Intangibles, with stocks and brand values falling for those being singled out. Outcomes from poor ethical decision-making have been hitting the headlines recently, and the subsequent backlash from the media, public, and legislators alike, have ignited interest in integrating value-added ethics with business…

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Roundup Q1 2016

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Alleviating the top concerns of CFOs requires change modelling to steer investment towards creating an agile and secure business.   Round-Up Welcome to Round-Up, a concise summary of my discussion topics, reviewing all three blogs from 2016’s Q1. From the Tuck-In section, you can access Q1 blogs directly, or catch up on all the salient…

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Information management can significantly boost performance and prevent damaging losses, but make sure to consider all elements for maximum affect. Cyber security has been a top 5 concern for the ‘C suite’ for a long time, and with 625,000 known crimes a month in the UK alone according to a recent Computer weekly article, and…

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Rescue is on hand

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  As predictions of another global economic storm ring out amid most of the world’s press, and stock markets tumble in fear, there are two things businesses should do to help protect themselves from what lies ahead.  First, gather as much data about your business, Industry, markets, customers and competitors as you can and consider the…

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According to the 2016 Finance priorities survey conducted by consulting firm Protiviti, the top priorities for CFOs in the coming year are margin and earnings performance followed by cyber security, strategic planning, forecasting and budgeting. Personally I would add corporate services optimization to that. In addition to this, KPMG in their ‘View from the top’…

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