Enterprise operational intelligence for aerospace and defense

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IFS EOI has been deployed numerous times by A&D organizations to solve challenges of a differing nature. What is IFS EOI? This webcast will look at why IFS Enterprise Operational Intelligence™ (EOI) is on the forefront of our maturity model for business analytics. Learn why IFS EOI is more than the sum of its component…

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Performance Based Logistics

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When a force needs to be scrambled to respond to an immediate threat, equipment needs to be instantly ready for deployment. Mission scenarios are changing for the military. Reduced levels of major military conflict around the world have been counter-balanced by significant increases in less predictable, counter-insurgency style operations. When a force needs to be…

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military logistics

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Why business intelligence (BI) tools are no longer enough to support today’s military logistics and why a new approach is needed. Maintaining operational effectiveness while balancing budgets is a constant consideration for the military, be it for a whole defense department, support chain, or even military base. Military organizations are now tasked with support responsibility…

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A&D podcast image

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IFS Radio Network podcast: More than a trend for A&D, digital transformation is now a core business approach that needs to be at the heart of enterprise strategies. As an industry, aerospace and defense (A&D) is no stranger to technology trends. For many years, A&D companies have embraced and taken advantage of new, innovative technologies such…

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For certain, product design and manufacturing excellence will always remain crucial disciplines within Aerospace & Defense, but increasingly, the way to excel and grow revenue is through lifecycle services and support.   When it comes to selecting enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for asset-intensive industries such as aerospace & defense (A&D), there is a tip…

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purple gripen

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IFS Applications supports Saab Group‘s business processes to deliver greater mobility, agility and lower IT costs. The relationship between Saab Group and IFS goes back over twenty years. Saab has been an IFS customer since 1994, signing a strategic corporate agreement in 2009 and continues to expand its business relationship with IFS. Saab Group is growing –…

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The Norwegian Armed Forces (Air Force, Army, and Navy including the Coast Guard) are in a constant state of readiness. For any software supplier supporting any of its assets, this means the demands are high. For example, the Norwegian Navy demands a solution that can operate for six months in autonomous mode aboard Navy vessels, while…

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In A&D, the manufacturing market is becoming more concentrated. By this I mean we often have multiple, complex relationships between contractors, based on complex contractual agreements and varying levels of capabilities. No wonder that organizations are looking to manage the end-to-end manufacturing process in a simple manner in order to operate successfully. And putting in…

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Freefall skydiving formation – it takes planning, logistics – and guts! Tanks, aircraft and ships usually dominate defense headlines, and it’s not every day that we see a Royal Navy Lieutenant making the headlines for succeeding in a World Record Attempt in skydiving – but actually it’s all part of the essential training that makes…

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