Commercial aviation industry expert podcast

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IFS Radio Network podcast: how airlines can use technology to increase profits and efficiency. The commercial aviation industry is more competitive and complex than it has ever been. Technology has brought a variety of new challenges to airlines. For example, rising customer demand, more complex aircraft programs and skill shortages. To rise above the competition,…

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Revolutionizing the commercial aviation industry is possible

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How increasing your digital footprint will help your organization take flight. Every innovative and successful business around the globe focuses on harnessing potential and maximizing efficiencies for sustainable differentiation and business growth. In the competitive and complex world of commercial aviation, this is the priority, along with safety, compliance and customer satisfaction. But can your…

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How businesses truly feel about digital change & transformation

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Digital transformation can mean different things to different people, making it difficult to know when you have achieved it. However, the answer to this conundrum is that you will never achieve it since it’s constantly evolving. To see what companies are thinking about today in regards to digital transformation and how it is currently being…

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Servitization in the commercial aviation and defense industry

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How servitization has affected change in the industry and what’s next for businesses. Tim Baines of Aston Business School will tell you that Rolls-Royce was one of the first to do it, with their ingenious “Power by the Hour” program. But what exactly is “it” that they are doing? Probably best known as performance-based logistics…

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