airbus a380

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3D printing is becoming a ‘must have’ for manufacturers rather than a luxury R&D project. Simplifying the process can cause pain for traditional ERP. Top commercial aircraft builder Airbus recently printed 1,000 parts to meet delivery deadlines. With demand for air travel showing no signs of slowing down, civil aviation organizations must ensure aircraft remain airworthy…

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This is an IFS 2015 liveblog which means everything was written at-the-moment. GE is truly one of the world’s biggest companies. The US giant has annual revenues of nearly $150 billion. Brian Slapshak from the Aerospace and Defense division came to Boston to explain how the company’s IT hub in Cincinnati, Ohio uses IFS Applications to…

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asset management

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  From hurricanes to bombs, from strikes to power outages, effective Asset Management provides the key to Homeland Security The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is a vast organization encompassing departments from the U.S. Coastguard, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) all the way through to the Secret Service. Each and every one has to carry…

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Foxhound Patrol Vehicle in Afghanistan

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Many would argue that the Digital Thread is the next major disruptive technology, but for it to really take-off, first we must look deep into how it works within the existing enterprise and understand a workable road map. First – just what is this Digital Thread? The concept is straight forward. Digital Thread in the…

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The Norwegian Armed Forces (Air Force, Army, and Navy including the Coast Guard) are in a constant state of readiness. For any software supplier supporting any of its assets, this means the demands are high. For example, the Norwegian Navy demands a solution that can operate for six months in autonomous mode aboard Navy vessels, while…

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In A&D, the manufacturing market is becoming more concentrated. By this I mean we often have multiple, complex relationships between contractors, based on complex contractual agreements and varying levels of capabilities. No wonder that organizations are looking to manage the end-to-end manufacturing process in a simple manner in order to operate successfully. And putting in…

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In 20 years’ time, mobility, wearable technology and the Internet of Things will be commonplace and new technologies will change the way war is waged, military equipment is developed and how assets are supported. AI, autonomy and robotics are already becoming embedded in military weapon systems and inevitably will have major implications in the world…

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Freefall skydiving formation – it takes planning, logistics – and guts! Tanks, aircraft and ships usually dominate defense headlines, and it’s not every day that we see a Royal Navy Lieutenant making the headlines for succeeding in a World Record Attempt in skydiving – but actually it’s all part of the essential training that makes…

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