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I’m just back from the UK after two intensive days at the IFS UK user group conference in Birmingham. As usual it was nice to meet all the people in the IFS community, customers, partners and colleagues. I arrived at the second day of the conference and most presentations around our latest version, IFS Applications…

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Enterprise software is about facilitating communication. This can range from simply registering a sales order to managing an international multi-billion infrastructure project. Looking back, business complexity such as globalization, more advanced value chains, and disruptive technologies have dramatically changed the way we work, and the way we want to work. Therefore, making complex things easier…

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When considering which enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to choose, the starting point is a set of ten specific questions you should ask of an ERP vendor. I’ve been thinking about business change a lot lately. As every business manager knows, change happens all the time, continuously presenting new business risks, opportunities, and challenges. While…

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Last year I joined Gartner’s Supply Chain Executive Conference in London. I attended a presentation by Tim Payne, a Gartner Research VP focused on Supply Chain Planning. The presentation title was “A Strategic Road Map for Supply Chain Technology”. One of the key questions for someone interested in acquiring supply chain technology is of course…

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IFS | VisionWaves

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Today IFS announced the acquisition of VisionWaves. I feel really good about this as the acquisition completes an area where we have been investing strategically. In a way, you could say that we have been piecing together a puzzle over the last few years, and the addition of VisionWaves completes the picture.

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To see where the mobile evolution is going, I’d like to consider my own behavior as a business traveler going through airport security. Standing by the conveyor, I’m likely to produce from my carry-on bag 1) a personal phone, 2) a corporate phone, 3) a laptop, 4) a tablet, and perhaps other peripheral hardware. I…

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This is an IFS 2015 liveblog which means everything was written at-the-moment. In Day 2’s first breakout session, along came Mr Jaco Putter from VBMS. The fellow from the Dutch cable laying company, who has featured in this blog twice previously, followed a presentation from Srinath Neelawathura from IFS on the benefits of the new…

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