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If IoT is to go beyond the hype, then users need to be convinced of its business value before its full potential can be met. There’s been a huge amount of excitement around the Internet of Things (IoT) and its potential to transform experiences across our day-to-day lives. Google is awash with articles extolling the…

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Omni-Channel Retail

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Retailers that manage to offer a seamless shopping experience will stand strong, but keeping up with the pace of change has never been harder. It’s happening everywhere in retail – the blend of digital and physical. Digital presence now drives in-store traffic, smartphones are used as in-store shopping assistants, and in-store pickup and return are…

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Enterprise software is about facilitating communication. This can range from simply registering a sales order to managing an international multi-billion infrastructure project. Looking back, business complexity such as globalization, more advanced value chains, and disruptive technologies have dramatically changed the way we work, and the way we want to work. Therefore, making complex things easier…

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You have probably experienced the journey from desktop computers to the era of smartphones and tablets, and how it has dramatically changed the way you work and behave. But what’s next? Will the next user experience be incremental improvements of today’s traditional devices or will there be something completely new? With an increasing amount of…

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At IFS Labs, we have been researching the Internet of Things (IoT) for some time. This has resulted in a number of customer projects, interesting prototypes, and a reusable architecture on the Microsoft Azure cloud. At this point, I want to introduce IFS Labs senior software developer Gökhan Kurt, whose ingenuity, curiosity, and willingness to…

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The Internet of Things is a phrase that’s getting much attention these days. In the enterprise context, it’s one that IFS is also giving attention to in IFS Labs, the part of IFS R&D that explores new areas of business application functionality, and serves as a testing ground for new development initiatives and proof of…

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This is an IFS 2015 liveblog which means everything was written at-the-moment. Of the many products played with in the IFS Labs (aka the coolest part of the company’s RnD division), around 30% will become a real product at some point. The rest are good for research. Martin Gunnarsson, Director Product Strategies and IFS Labs,…

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