Morgan Motor Company

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The automotive supply chain is far more complex than it used to be, a fact Morgan clearly knows. In early September, Morgan Motor Company, the British sports car manufacturer, said they had chosen IFS Applications as their new ERP solution. The company began an 18-month implementation program in August to enable all departments within the business…

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a broad concept that describes a corporate initiative to assess and take responsibility for a company’s effects on the environment and impact on social welfare that generally goes beyond what may be required by regulators or environmental protection groups. Generally, CSR isn’t about an immediate financial benefit to the company,…

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3D Printing

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While there’s a certain enjoyment about growing and picking your own fruit – or should I now say printing your own fruit. Last month I read about Cambridge-based tech company Dovetailed creating the world’s first 3D printed edible raspberry using flavored gel. That’s the picture here. The firm is also working on apples and pears and…

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Brompton Bicycle

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The global economic crisis has had a significant effect on the manufacturing sector, with the prolonged Eurozone slump impacting demand for goods produced in the UK. However, with the economic outlook continuing to improve – and manufacturing doing well globally – the UN Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) reported worldwide manufacturing output up by 3.3 per…

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global erp

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Most enterprise resource planning (ERP) software products have the capability to handle businesses that operate from multiple sites, even when these sites are in different countries or on different continents. But in this month’s interview edition of the IFS Radio Network, IFS process manufacturing and supply chain expert Jakob Björklund discusses the finer points of achieving…

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Of the many contemporary challenges facing an industry like paint and coatings, supply chain management is a critical one at a time when industry trends point to strong projected growth across the board during the next few years as economies in major markets continue to recover from the recession. My first contact with the paint…

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Regardless of your position on government mandates for corporate social responsibility, one thing is certain. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s conflict minerals rule, and related regulations pending around the world, are going to be a massive headache as manufacturers try to understand what is required to stay out of trouble with regulators, activist organizations and…

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3D printing has continued to hit the headlines with some fascinating use cases, such as the architects in Amsterdam that have started work on a 3D printed house. According to Hedwig Heinsman of Dus, the architects responsible for the project, the building industry is one of the most inefficient and polluting industries out there. With…

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When a technology is not well-understood, a number of myths or urban legends can spring up to fill in the gap in people’s knowledge with perhaps less-than-accurate perceptions. Here, we review three such myths about mobile ERP solutions, and share facts that can help dispel each one. Mobile enterprise software is a security risk Well,…

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