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After a fast implementation – within nine months of initial analysis – IFS Applications was deployed in Rusta’s 81 Nordic stores and in its Asian offices and hubs, replacing 50 percent of existing ERP systems. According to Päivi Redig, CIO at Rusta, this rapid project pace was an important success factor in achieving Rusta’s international…

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Dubai duty free shopping

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Over 1 billion people travel internationally each year – approximately 15 percent of the global population – and they spend the equivalent of more than $1 trillion in the process according to Deloitte’s Global Powers of Retailing 2015 study. In my new job as IFS’s Industry Director for Retail, I am doing my fair share…

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Rumor has it that more smartphones are present in the world today than toothbrushes – a horrifying thought – and an estimated 83 percent of internet usage will be through mobile devices, according to Deloitte. It’s also estimated that a projected 65 percent of the global population will be using a mobile phone this year….

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In our previous retail blog posts, we have discussed the need for speed as an accelerator for most businesses. One of the few known facts of today’s business climate is that the ever-steady pace of change keeps increasing. We are moving closer and closer to real-time business and therefore the need to establish a full…

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Download our most recent business agility whitepaper, which focuses on how the tools you use enable agility, improving the "handling characteristics" of your business.

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In my previous post in November, I highlighted the importance of speed and agility to retain and gain competitiveness. The other day, we had the opportunity to have an open strategic exchange session with one of our key retail customers. We learned that speed and agility has other dimensions linked to it as well. Said…

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This year, Stadium AB, Sweden’s largest sport retailer, marks its 40th year in business. Today, Stadium is one of the largest sporting-goods chains in Europe with a network of over 140 retail stores that reach across the Nordic region, plus the Stadium Ski and Stadium Outlet specialist stores; and a strong presence in online shopping….

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A quick view into the reverse logistics marketplace

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There is no one model that defines the reverse logistics marketplace. After attending a couple of conferences regarding reverse logistics, I have had time to gather some thoughts about the people I had the opportunity to talk to and the presentations I had the opportunity to attend. One thing is pretty clear: there is no…

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