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The 2013 IFS World Conference was a fantastic event, during which a number of future trends and challenges for service providers were discussed at length.  Here are my thoughts on three sessions I found particularly fascinating. The Perfect Storm of Change & the Internet of Things One of the conference themes (as relayed in this…

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Gartner Magic Quadrant Visionary

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This podcast discusses IFS’s recognition as a Visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for two types of software in the energy and utility industry. In this month’s IFS Radio Network news segment, Senior Advisor for Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Stefan Pervik, discusses IFS Applications’ recognition as Visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for two types…

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Managers and executives engaged in field service or maintenance often talk about how customers are becoming more demanding. But how often do we step back and look at what those customers really want? A couple of weeks ago, I spent time with a company that operates major facilities, discussing the proportion of service and repair…

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Ask anyone responsible for dispatching field service technicians how hard their job is, and you will get one of two polar opposite reactions. They will all confirm that it is a high-pressure environment; caught, as they are, between the needs of the field force, the company management and ever more demanding customers. Those that are new to the role will also tell you it is fiendishly hard, while experienced dispatchers will assure you how straightforward it is.

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Field service management (FSM) operations are facing unprecedented pressure from competitors and increasingly demanding customers. At the same time advances in technology are set to have a profound effect on field service, such as the increasing adoption of enterprise mobility, schedule optimization tools and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

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Today, most enterprise software runs on servers at a business’ premises. Of course a growing percentage of solutions like customer relationship management (CRM) or even enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications are delivered from the cloud. Sometimes they are even sold not through a perpetual license, but as as a subscription service or from the cloud.

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NFC tag

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For a couple of years Near Field Communications (NFC) has been pushed by Google and others as the next big thing for smartphones. There has been a lot said about the merits of consumer applications for NFC, including digital wallets and replacing some of Bluetooth. But what about applications in business—what role could NFC play there? Here at IFS we’ve been looking into just that.

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