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There are three levels of Visual Insights and each level will have an impact on your entire business.

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We live in a data driven world, and in business, almost every department relies on it to make decisions, develop strategies and to prove results. While it is an asset, sifting through data can be tedious and time consuming. As a result, organizations have turned to business applications to provide insight and automate the data analysis process.

These applications increase a company’s visibility into their operation by collecting, organizing, and displaying data for actionable insights in real-time. Visual Insights, however, takes that process a step further by displaying that information visually in an easy-to-understand and easy-to-digest way. Visualization is the key to informed decision making for every department, for every level, company-wide.


  • What Visual Insights actually means and why it’s important
  • How they are influence decisions and strategies
  • Why they are beneficial to all users from the ground floor up to the boardroom
  • Whether they are more than just screens, graphs and pretty colors
  • What the future of Visual Insights looks like

In this podcast, Antony Bourne, Global Manufacturing Industry Director for IFS, speaks with IFS’s Chief Technology Officer, Dan Matthews, for an in-depth discussion on the Visual Insights strategy. You will gain a full understanding of what Visual Insights are and how they are changing the way businesses operate around the globe.


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