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Janet Apollo

IFS Presales Manager (UK)

Was the first bunch of tips not enough for you? Here are more great tips!

More great tips for IFS Applications


  • In IFS Applications 9, highlight an item, hit Shift and use the arrow keys to move things around.
  • To move shortcuts around, you need to long click on a shortcut. Click and…wait…and then you can move it.
  • It’s easy to set up shortcuts by clicking the + icon next to the item you want to add.
  • You can pin the Navigator. Right- hand click on the navigator icon and you can get Shortcuts and Navigator together.
  • Down arrows mean pre-defined searches are available. A box with an arrow takes you straight to that item and a box with no arrow means there are options available to choose from.

Working with forms

  • If you right hand click the scroll bar of a form, it will intelligently move for you, from a page of options.
  • You can copy/paste any form in IFS. If you tick the box marked Own Process, each form can have different behaviors. And yes, you can add them as shortcuts.
  • Click on a column header to sort on it. Available in all table forms. An arrow indicated the column being sorted and the sequence.
  • (IFS Applications 9, update 1 ONLY)  On the right click menu, you have a Go To Column option. You can then search for the column you want, pick it and you jump there with the column highlighted.
  • IFS Applications 9 has added Kiosk Mode that removes all the application chrome and just presents you with the form information. Activate it using Shift – F11.

Form Templates

These are pre-defined field information structures. It allows faster and consistent data entry. You can start a form with the default template.

Form Drafts

You can save Forms as drafts if you haven’t got all the mandatory information. It becomes a task in the system when saved as a draft.

Information Cards

  • Summarized information in one place
  • One click to view
  • Setup in Solution Manager
  • User configurable
  • Any database details

Start Page

  • Start Pages were introduced in IFS Applications 8 – think of them as the poor man’s lobby
  • It’s a focused view, showing record counts
  • They still exist in IFS Applications 9 but you need the security opened to allow them
  • You can run multiple search types in there – still very useful.


(IFS Applications 9 only)

  • Pictures – size them to the right ratio for them to look good
  • There are both configuration mode (for all users) and personalization mode for the user.
  • You can personalize companywide dashboards
  • Don’t rush on rearranging – wait for the element to color and then drag it
  • Use keywords on elements for easier search
  • If a Lobby appears locked, check if the author protected it
  • You can create custom Lobby items

Print Dialog

(IFS Applications 9 only)

It’s smarter with more options, including an e-mail one.

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  1. Kiosk Mode

    This is a wonderful idea. I think kiosk mode is best ways to get customer feedback. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. Really appreciate it.


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