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The mobility trend is now entering a second phase where companies are formulating mobile strategies to benefit from the new mobile technologies. They are now busy replacing old mobile devices with smartphones and tablets, and are equipping their staff with business apps as a new and productive user interface to their business applications.

The business mobility community is diversified and covers a broad range of users. It can be separated into three distinct groups…

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A CFO once said to me when we discussed mobility; “I don’t want an IT-project, I want a business development project”. I love this sentiment. He was tired of delayed mobility projects and the risks and costs for software integration. Being mobile must take center stage for business to remain competitive”, he said. Or as…

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Looking back over year, I can see how my behavior has completely changed. I have constantly had the radar switched on when it comes to learning and being influenced by my favorite subject—creativity and innovation. Writing blogs is also a fantastic way to process thoughts and ideas as you have to put them into words. I hope we have inspired you through the blogs to think and act differently when it comes to innovation and technology.

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