Three challenges of delivering smart meter programs

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Three of the many challenges facing organizations that helping to deliver smart meter programs around the globe. In many parts of the world, smart meter installations have been around for some time, and in some countries, second or third generation devices are now being fitted. According to Metering and Smart Energy International, over the next…

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Trois activités d’entreprise où l’intelligence artificielle présente déjà un réel impact sur la productivité

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In my previous blog, “Are chimpanzees more intelligent than computers?,” I established some thoughts about what it all means, about the difference between artificial intelligence (AI) and human or general intelligence. In this second blog, I will instead look at the hype itself. It’s important to explain why AI is suddenly such a hot topic….

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International Women’s Day

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Today it’s International Women’s Day, an initiative created to put the spotlight on the inequalities that still exist between men and women with the hope of progressing gender parity. This is a much talked about topic, but how far have we really come towards a society where people are judged based solely on who they…

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Q&A: Why the increased interest in performance-based logistics and Power-by-the-Hour contracts

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Performance-based logistics and Power-by-the-Hour contracts bring great opportunity to commercial and military aircraft operators. In this industry expert Q&A, Graham Grose, Vice President and Industry Director at IFS, talks about aviation’s increased interest in performance-based logistics (PBL) and Power-by-the-Hour contracts. Graham is responsible for supporting all IFS business development within the aviation and defense industry,…

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Darren Roos

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Today is an important day for IFS as we announce the appointment of Darren Roos as the company’s new CEO. Darren joins IFS from SAP where he led the company’s cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) business. He’s previously held leadership and board positions at Software AG. He will continue to be an independent, non-executive Board…

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Q&A: Field service organizations and the need to optimize service models

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Field service organizations must optimize their reactive service models today and plan for predictive service models tomorrow. In this Q&A, I will ask Mark Brewer, service industry expert and Global Service Industry Director for Service Management at IFS, to shed some light on the industry’s need to optimize business service models. Meet our service industry expert Mark…

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Charles E. Taylor may not be a household name, but to those in the A&D industry he is known as the father of aviation maintenance. Taylor was the mechanical mastermind behind some of the Wright brothers’ most famous triumphs back in the early 1900s and was a vital contributor to the building and maintaining of…

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asset lifecycle solution

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By taking on service and asset management, construction and contracting companies can generate revenue across the total asset lifecycle. In this Q&A, Kenny Ingram, construction and contracting industry expert and Global Industry Director at IFS, answers questions on how companies can generate revenue by taking on service and asset management. Kenny has been with IFS…

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In my first blog on the transformation facing military in-service support, I looked at how next generation defense equipment – ranging from simple assets to the more complex – is changing the way military support is delivered and managed. But carefully structured support models will be essential to meet the unique demands of different forces…

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