IFS Medical Devices

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Thank you to all who visited IFS at Field Service Medical in San Diego, CA! The Field Service Medical Conference welcomed medical device companies to a three-day symposium focusing on improving efficiency of field service operations through presentations, panel discussions, and networking opportunities. The panel discussions were of particular interest to me at the conference,…

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There has always been a significant financial reward for high levels of equipment reliability in the oil and gas industry. The long-standing desire of the industry to improve on equipment reliability processes is reflected in ISO 14224 standard. While we all know how difficult global standardization is, we all aspire to reap the benefits of…

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A quick view into the reverse logistics marketplace

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There is no one model that defines the reverse logistics marketplace. After attending a couple of conferences regarding reverse logistics, I have had time to gather some thoughts about the people I had the opportunity to talk to and the presentations I had the opportunity to attend. One thing is pretty clear: there is no…

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The time has come to stop spending time trying to define what building information modeling (BIM) is and accept that this is about the industry changing how it works.  The goal is to improve efficiency at two levels: Make the companies in the construction industry more efficient Make the assets that the industry build more efficient…

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The concepts behind reliability centered maintenance (RCM) are about 40 years old, but there is a growing interest in RCM now among asset-intensive industries like those in the oil and gas industry. But there is another stripe of RCM — RCM II — that to me anyway seemed poorly understood even among industry insiders. So…

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IFS's 2013 financial results

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In this breaking news segment of the IFS Radio Network, IFS CEO Alastair Sorbie and CFO Paul Smith discuss 2013 financial results, including a 20 percent increase in revenue over the previous year. This podcast series is perhaps the easiest way to get news of IFS and insight into critical enterprise resource planning, enterprise asset…

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When a technology is not well-understood, a number of myths or urban legends can spring up to fill in the gap in people’s knowledge with perhaps less-than-accurate perceptions. Here, we review three such myths about mobile ERP solutions, and share facts that can help dispel each one. Mobile enterprise software is a security risk Well,…

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Selecting and implementing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is something most companies, if they are fortunate, only do every 15 years or so. That means that it is hard to build the skill set necessary to run a successful selection and implementation. In this month’s extended interview segment of the IFS Radio Network podcast series,…

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