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I have been spending a lot of time with different companies in the wood industry over the past couple of months. Representing the full value chain, from forestry to wholesale for further processing in other industries or retail and use in their own finished products, it’s clear that the market is moving and the time…

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A recent study conducted by WBR indicates that the service industry is at an inflection point. Over the next 24 months, technology will drive digital transformation in many companies striving to improve and predict revenue streams while also improving operational efficiency. shows that nearly three quarters of respondents provide service on equipment that is sensor-enabled….

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Customer service is a people-focused business, and according to the Harvard Business Review, there are elements of service that are hard to automate. But there is great value that businesses can realize by enabling artificial intelligence (AI) to automate portions of their service organization. Specifically, intelligent chatbots can extend customer relationship management (CRM) software to…

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In recent years, the service industry has seen massive change with disruptive technology and higher customer expectations, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the importance of customer service. Today’s service organization understands that the customer drives success and failure and demands to be at the forefront of business strategy and innovation. Having the right business systems and…

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WHAT IS CUSTOMER SERVICE WEEK? There seems to be a national holiday for just about anything under the sun. National Dog Day, National Sibling Day, National Pizza Day—the list goes on for nearly every single day of the year. So what’s the gimmick with Customer Service Week? To my surprise, it’s the real deal! National…

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In this series we’ve discussed the service buzzwords I believe deserve the most attention in 2018 and in my last blog we discussed cloud’s huge influence on successful service models. My goal throughout this series has been that you leave with an understanding how these key concepts can bring value to your customers and your…

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Fifteen years ago, I was studying for a master’s degree in industrial automation at a technical university. We learned about open systems, industrial internet, old and new programming languages, collaborating robots, software-controlled machine clusters etc. Everything that you needed to build the smart factory. I thought all this was everyday life in the manufacturing industry…

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Mercedes-Benz Actros Outside Mirror

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The world’s leading trade show for transport, logistics and mobility, The International Automotive Fair (IAA) for Commercial Vehicles, kicked off last week with a focus on innovation in the automotive industry. One of the central themes of this year’s show looks at what the future of commercial travel will be like—from connected vehicles to automated…

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Previously, we discussed the impact the Internet of Things can have on a service organization. Our final buzzword is key to helping your organization grow. Cloud enables an organization to grow and scale, respond to cyclical service patterns and move to a more secure, safer environment. Cloud will also help your organization adopt key service…

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