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Corporate performance management can help your business deliver its strategy and drive required results.  Discover what it is and how it can support business excellence? What is Corporate performance management Corporate performance management has as many different names as definitions, but in short it is the communication hub linking strategy with operations. It is sometimes…

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Gartner’s Market Guide for Enterprise Business Process Analysis

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Why EBPA is a new way to visualize and manage the business in an age characterized by rapid change, including digital transformation. Enterprise business process analysis (EBPA) is more than just another new enterprise software acronym. It is a new way to visualize and manage the business in an age characterized by rapid change, including…

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Fire up your digital transformation and increase profitability 26% using a connected strategy

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At the 2017 IDC Directions event in Boston, the full potential for businesses who adopt (and have adopted) digital transformation was laid bare for all to see. But for me, the question is more how you may deploy it rather than whether you should, and for that, I believe what is required is a ‘connected…

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Companies that succeed are the ones that embrace change. They have the built-in flexibility to respond to fast-changing business conditions.  The power to change is achieved through business transformation. And technology and business transformation go hand in hand.  Having the ability to transform and change business processes and systems quickly is a big differentiator. The…

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The top-performing maintenance, repair and overhaul companies have defined an enterprise platform to overcome the barrier to organizational change by aligning process management and business intelligence with a common organizational strategy. But oftentimes, enterprise software run by MRO companies does not adequately address the organizational strategy. Even top-tier contractors working on performance-based logistics (PBL) contracts…

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