Corporate Social Responsibility

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Enhancing Corporate Social Responsibility makes a business more valuable for investors, more responsible for communities and more accountable globally. Round-up This concise summary of my discussion topics for Q2 2016 accommodates all three blogs from the quarter. From the Tuck-in section, you can access this quarter’s blogs directly or catch up on all the salient…

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Managing a company’s eco-footprint creates value. Here are five steps to start a successful implementation of an eco-program based on the GHG Protocol and ISO14064. What are your annual greenhouse gas emissions (GHG)? Where do they originate? How can you reduce them? ISO14064 is the only international standard for corporate GHG measurement, and the GHG…

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In 2015, 6.2 gigatonnes of carbon (tCO2e) were traded globally valued at $52.8Bn, and the figures are accelerating. The Greenhouse Gas (GHG) market is big business and a win-win for savvy business leaders and eco-warriors alike. (Figures by Climate Observer) This two-part blog series introduces environmental reporting as a means of compliance, adding value, efficiency…

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