Construction Productivity

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As a Scot myself, I don’t have the sense of bravado that an American might when it comes to the United States construction sector or the vitality of the American economy overall. But even those of us in the UK have seen most globally important management or productivity trends, with notable exceptions like the Toyota…

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construction finance controller

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Project financial control involves more than summing historic values, it needs the controller to map the consequences of potential events and adjust the sliders to influence the outcomes. Like a DJ dropping the next track, the controller should drive the cadence and be ahead of the crowd. Here are 3 tips for getting into that…

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Construction ERP Partner

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In my previous blog post, I highlighted how the industry is facing huge disruptive changes. In short, we need to modernize and change the way we work because: Margins are under pressure Productivity is poor We have a serious skills shortage Project delivery performance is not good enough Competition is intensifying You need to be…

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Digital Shipyard

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Shipbuilders, private vessel owners and ministries of defense around the world are mandating and investing heavily in transformational digital technology that will press time, costs and risks out of vessel design and fabrication. Naval organizations in Russia, Australia and Saudi Arabia have state-funded programs to increase the use of disruptive digital technology by their nation’s…

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high tech manufacturing

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Over the past few years, the highly unstable prices on raw material and the increased lead time from suppliers on components have put financial pressure on many manufacturers as they experience challenges to quickly respond to the market volatility. Of course, the overall planning of optimized inventory levels relies on accurate demand planning and forecasting,…

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Makino IoT

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Makino is a globally recognized company that produces metal-cutting and EDM machines. Like many product manufacturers, Makino is looking for new ways to differentiate itself through service. As such, the company is incorporating IoT, AI, and ML into its operations to enable the shift from reactive to predictive service. “This is a critical shift for…

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This is the second in our series of conversations with members of the IFS partner community. One of the longest running partners of IFS in Scandinavia is Addovation. Even though they’ve been a part of our ecosystem for more than a decade, they too are experiencing a lot of change these days. To learn more…

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For 130 years, the TDC Group has been delivering innovative communications solutions that link Danes more closely together. Brands in TDC Group include YouSee, Telmore, Fullrate, Blockbuster, Dansk Kabel TV, CubeIO, Get and TDC Erhverv. TDC Group is working toward a vision it refers to as ‘Digital Denmark,’ in which the company is committed countrywide…

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IFS Partner EVRY

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The first in a series of conversations with an IFS partner, EVRY is a leading Nordic tech and consulting company. Together with its customers and an ecosystem of global digital experts, it shapes the future by applying new technologies to improve end user experiences, and the performance of people, processes and systems. I recently sat…

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