Enterprise operational intelligence for construction & contracting

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How do you take your business’s operational intelligence to the next level? This video will show you how. What is IFS EOI? This webcast will look at why IFS Enterprise Operational Intelligence™ (EOI) is on the forefront of our maturity model for business analytics. Learn why IFS EOI is more than the sum of its…

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On December 5, Construction News ran a webcast with industry experts discussing what managing projects is likely to look like in the future. John Lorimer, Chair of the BIM Academy, gives his views on how project management needs to change. You can view the whole hour discussion on the Construction News website: Exceptional Project Management:…

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There are two aspects of business travel, especially on the long haul flights, I still enjoy. One is the hours without any inflow of e-mails or other communication. The second is the chance encounter with an interesting person. On my way to IFS development center in Colombo, Sri Lanka the other week I ended up next to bald middle aged lady wearing a turban. This will make for an interesting few hours I thought, and sure it did.

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