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Besides original equipment manufacturers who produce a final vehicle, Tier N suppliers within the automotive industry global supply chain and aftermarket, and the secondary market concerned with parts, equipment and accessories after the sale of a vehicle by the OEM to the consumer, there is another very important part of the industry – customer service!…

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You have probably experienced the journey from desktop computers to the era of smartphones and tablets, and how it has dramatically changed the way you work and behave. But what’s next? Will the next user experience be incremental improvements of today’s traditional devices or will there be something completely new? With an increasing amount of…

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According to research from PwC, global capital project and infrastructure spending will exceed $9 trillion by 2025. Within asset-intensive sectors like mining, ports, refining, chemical, heavy metals, and pulp and paper, the investment in a new plant is expected to double to nearly $2 trillion in the same timeframe. These new assets should hopefully be…

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When considering which enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to choose, the starting point is a set of ten specific questions you should ask of an ERP vendor. I’ve been thinking about business change a lot lately. As every business manager knows, change happens all the time, continuously presenting new business risks, opportunities, and challenges. While…

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Auto Windscreens

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Having been in the field service software industry for several years now, it is my passion helping field service organizations achieve service excellence. In July, I had the pleasure of visiting Auto Windscreens, one of our field service management customer’s headquarters, to see that for myself. Auto Windscreens is a leading automotive glass company based…

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Now, only six months after the contract was signed, Yinson’s IFS industry solution has been implemented at the company’s locations in those two countries. Yinson Holdings Berhad is a Malaysian offshore support and logistics company. In March of 2015, we announced that Yinson had chosen IFS Applications to enhance EPCI project control and improve its…

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Gartner crowd

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One conference that I always enjoy going to is the Gartner Symposium because I always gain insight into topics that interest me as well as listen to their predictions about the future. This year, I will be part of a strong IFS presence at two Gartner Symposiums – Orlando, Florida from October 4-8; and Barcelona,…

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Solar power for the generation, storage and re-use of energy is one hot topic at the moment. Along with other renewable technologies the planned move to a clean power economy by countries like the USA and China has to be embraced and applauded. What will be needed in this drive, though, is new/enhanced infrastructure, new…

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Car manufacturing

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When it comes to manufacturing’s next revolution – the much-discussed Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 – the automotive industry is firmly in the driving seat. A trailblazer across key manufacturing trends, the automotive industry is accelerating the move towards a world in which raw materials and machines communicate with each other within an Internet…

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