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Responding to evolving asset-intensive business and market demands was the primary driver behind a far-reaching decision by publicly-listed Australian mining and civil construction company, Brierty, to embrace IFS Applications as its enterprise-wide enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to help the company become an agile business. From its base in Perth, Australia, Brierty provides civil construction,…

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Those of you who read my June blog post know that, in late 2013, Dutch maritime specialist Royal IHC embarked on an ambitious plan to implement a single ERP solution world-wide (37 units) in only 2,5 years. As a sequel to that post, I am very pleased to be able to announce the successful deployment…

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The engineering, construction and infrastructure industry accounts for over six percent of the world’s largest economies from a GDP perspective. So why are we not attracting the right people into the industry? There is a major skills shortage across all functions of the business, not just the tradesman required on the construction sites but also…

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BIM or (Building Information Modelling) is one of the construction industry’s (relatively few) buzzwords that continues to dominate conversations—and for good reason. Fuelled by government initiatives and industry momentum, BIM empowers companies to plan infrastructure more effectively while reducing the cost and complexity of building and maintaining assets. At the heart of BIM is a…

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BIM is driving us all towards an integrated data-driven digital world. So where does ERP fit in? What type of solution do you need to support this new digital-driven world? Traditional ERP has a poor track record in the construction industry so what is the answer? BIM is the hottest topic in town! The focus…

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Flexibility and agility go hand in hand with Dutch maritime specialist Royal IHC’s ambitious plans to roll out a single, global ERP backbone based on IFS Applications across its 37 operating units worldwide in just 2 ½ years. In an IFS case study and video testimonial, Dave Vander Heyde, Chief Financial Officer at Royal IHC,…

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The construction industry is in a state of change and many in the industry are confused about what the new world is going to look like and what action to take. There are some big questions that the industry is struggling with. Consider some of the facts. The UK and the historical Commonwealth countries operate…

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On December 5, Construction News ran a webcast with industry experts discussing what managing projects is likely to look like in the future. John Lorimer, Chair of the BIM Academy, gives his views on how project management needs to change. You can view the whole hour discussion on the Construction News website: Exceptional Project Management:…

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The art of building design and construction is one that has always been dictated by the technologies available at the time. Improvements to the materials, tools, vehicles and IT available have all had a significant impact in pushing the boundaries of what it is possible to build. Today, increased use of smartphones and the introduction…

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