Oil well

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Falling oil prices have dominated the headlines over the past six months. Whilst consumers might be celebrating at the pump when filling up their cars, the impact within the industry, and implicitly across the wider economy, has been vast – companies are cutting projects and, sadly, individuals are losing jobs. In its Budget announcement today,…

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Sitting at breakfast with some drilling veterans at the IADC Annual Meeting in New Orleans in November, I witnessed a strong willingness, almost an eagerness, to attack the coming downturn head on. There were a lot of jokes around the table. “If you haven’t been around long enough to experience a downturn you haven’t lived…

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Data collected from production and better collaboration between the various parts of an organization can lead to fewer disruptions, increased utilization of manufacturing resources and more efficient planning. So says one of the founders of IFS, Ulf Stern, in an article published in Sweden’s Dagens Industri journal in November. What he was saying was that…

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When it comes to the end user, they don’t care if it’s IFS, SAP, Maximo or Oracle. They care about the service, and the experience with the application. These are not my words but the words of Seadrill, a leading offshore deepwater drilling company, and one of our longest-standing customers in the drilling industry. This…

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In the asset-intensive industry, usability is becoming a subject of increasing priority. If we look back at the early days of computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) in the 1980s, we typically get an image of a few users on a system with green screens. Those few users were not only the experts with such a system,…

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ERP Podcast Series from IFS

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ISO standards are a lot of things. Specifications for products and services. A third party stamp of approval for quality, efficiency and best practices. And let’s face it … ISO standards can be the butt of plenty of jokes. Even Dilbert creator Scott Adams riffs on ISO standards frequently. Quality consultants Simply Quality have generated a humorous procedure…

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