The key to customer satisfaction and profitability for third-party MROs

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Effective maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) and resource management are key to customer satisfaction and profitability for third-party MROs. The cost of through-life MRO now outstrips the cost of aircraft acquisition, and as such, airlines are signaling their intent to outsource maintenance – including airframe, engine, component and even line maintenance. In fact, today more…

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Why construction-integrated manufacturing is a game-changer

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The construction industry has a reputation for moving slowly when it comes to adopting modern technology and changing business processes. There are many reasons to believe that this is about to change and companies who don’t adapt and change will probably not survive. It is also a mistake to believe that the traditional large contractors…

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Digital investments are key to the recovery of the mining industry

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Digital investments, new business models, digital twins and IoT empower mining companies to leverage industry recovery. After a tough couple of years, the recovery of the mining industry started in 2017, and now is the time to kick it into a higher gear and benefit from being an early mover. Digital investments and new charging…

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