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BIM or (Building Information Modelling) is one of the construction industry’s (relatively few) buzzwords that continues to dominate conversations—and for good reason. Fuelled by government initiatives and industry momentum, BIM empowers companies to plan infrastructure more effectively while reducing the cost and complexity of building and maintaining assets. At the heart of BIM is a…

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Talk hands free

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I have been in the enterprise software business for almost 20 years where the dominant user interaction has been through keyboards and screens in different sizes and form factors. It started with desktop computers with big monitors, then laptops, then smartphones and tablets. What’s next? Whatever innovation we have seen throughout the years, talking remains…

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Solar power for the generation, storage and re-use of energy is one hot topic at the moment. Along with other renewable technologies the planned move to a clean power economy by countries like the USA and China has to be embraced and applauded. What will be needed in this drive, though, is new/enhanced infrastructure, new…

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3D manufacturing

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If you’re anything like me, you’re finding it increasingly difficult to be (and stay) wowed by the spectacular feats of 3D printing (and similar manufacturing methods). Not because it’s an irrelevant technology – quite the opposite. 3D printing is already an established part of the manufacturing industry, especially when it comes to R&D, prototyping, or…

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Royal Air Force Typhoon FGR4 aircraft with AMRAAM and ASRAAM missiles fitted, departs from Gioia Del Colle Airfield in Southern Italy on a mission to enforce the No Fly Zone over Libya during Operation Ellamy in support of UN Securty Council 1973.

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How modularity supports industry transformation When it comes to selecting enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for asset-intensive industries such as aerospace & defense (A&D), there is a tip of the iceberg dynamic at play. The issue is that the A&D industry continues to transform from being solely engineering and manufacturing oriented to focusing on asset…

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Car manufacturing

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When it comes to manufacturing’s next revolution – the much-discussed Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 – the automotive industry is firmly in the driving seat. A trailblazer across key manufacturing trends, the automotive industry is accelerating the move towards a world in which raw materials and machines communicate with each other within an Internet…

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