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The engineering, construction and infrastructure industry accounts for over six percent of the world’s largest economies from a GDP perspective. So why are we not attracting the right people into the industry? There is a major skills shortage across all functions of the business, not just the tradesman required on the construction sites but also…

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In the new IT-ready workplace, businesses really have no excuse to ignore the obvious benefits that demand forecasting brings. What do you do when it starts to rain? Just hope it stops soon or reach for that demand forecasting-shaped umbrella? Enabling greater control, longevity and productivity, demand forecasting helps to reduce costs in quiet periods…

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Enterprise software is about facilitating communication. This can range from simply registering a sales order to managing an international multi-billion infrastructure project. Looking back, business complexity such as globalization, more advanced value chains, and disruptive technologies have dramatically changed the way we work, and the way we want to work. Therefore, making complex things easier…

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Besides original equipment manufacturers who produce a final vehicle, Tier N suppliers within the automotive industry global supply chain and aftermarket, and the secondary market concerned with parts, equipment and accessories after the sale of a vehicle by the OEM to the consumer, there is another very important part of the industry – customer service!…

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You have probably experienced the journey from desktop computers to the era of smartphones and tablets, and how it has dramatically changed the way you work and behave. But what’s next? Will the next user experience be incremental improvements of today’s traditional devices or will there be something completely new? With an increasing amount of…

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purple gripen

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IFS Applications supports Saab Group‘s business processes to deliver greater mobility, agility and lower IT costs. The relationship between Saab Group and IFS goes back over twenty years. Saab has been an IFS customer since 1994, signing a strategic corporate agreement in 2009 and continues to expand its business relationship with IFS. Saab Group is growing –…

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