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huntley jump

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Falling with style At first glance there are not a lot of similarities between defense logistics and formation skydiving, but in actual fact, there are – both need a good team behind them, are high-risk and require precision planning in order to succeed, and whether attempting a skydiving World Record or supporting military supply chains…

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I’ve been thinking about business change a lot lately. As every business manager knows, change happens all the time, continuously presenting new business risks, opportunities, and challenges. While some businesses will merely cope – and many just won’t survive – successful businesses will see change coming and turn it into an advantage. I’ve written a…

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Auto Windscreens

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Having been in the field service software industry for several years now, it is my passion helping field service organizations achieve service excellence. In July, I had the pleasure of visiting Auto Windscreens, one of our field service management customer’s headquarters, to see that for myself. Auto Windscreens is a leading automotive glass company based…

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Last year I joined Gartner’s Supply Chain Executive Conference in London. I attended a presentation by Tim Payne, a Gartner Research VP focused on Supply Chain Planning. The presentation title was “A Strategic Road Map for Supply Chain Technology”. One of the key questions for someone interested in acquiring supply chain technology is of course…

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Yinson Holdings Berhad is a Malaysian offshore support and logistics company. In March, we announced that Yinson had chosen IFS Applications to enhance EPCI project control and improve its operational efficiency. The solution was to deliver project management, financials, time reporting, procurement, and document management to users in Norway and Singapore. Now, only six months…

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One of the founding principles of how we work at IFS is to begin by understanding our customers’ needs and then pragmatically addressing them with a combination of innovative products and committed people. Easy to say, harder to do in reality. Often the key to success lies in the “understanding”part. Our people like to invest…

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As you’re surely aware by now, there is a paradigm shift within retail. How do you tackle it? As bricks are replaced by clicks at an increasing speed, and the balance of power has shifted to the consumer, many companies fall short when it comes to securing the very backbone of any efficient retail approach:…

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New IFS website

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The publication of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Energy and Utilities Enterprise Asset Management Software reflects the huge investment we have made in specific industry functionality within our core product, IFS Applications. We believe that by showcasing IFS as the only ‘Challenger’ in this year’s MQ, Gartner have validated what we can offer to our customers in the energy, utilities, oil and gas industries: a deep breadth of functionality that can be successfully deployed in all sub-sectors of that market.

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The energy and utilities sector has seen massive change over the past 20 years. Major growth has been spurred on by global investment and a growing demand for clean, smart and traceable energy. However, as I discussed in Energy Management, one of the most significant transformations is the role of the energy customer. Gone are…

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