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This is an IFS 2015 liveblog which means everything was written at-the-moment. GE is truly one of the world’s biggest companies. The US giant has annual revenues of nearly $150 billion. Brian Slapshak from the Aerospace and Defense division came to Boston to explain how the company’s IT hub in Cincinnati, Ohio uses IFS Applications to…

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Forum Automobillogistik in Leipzig

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IFS participated in the Automotive Logistic Congress 2015 conference in Leipzig, Germany, last week. It’s an annual conference for logistics experts, supply chain managers in OEMs and automotive experts in logistics services and consulting companies. This year, over 600 people participated to address the main topic: intelligent supply chain control – global, transparent and efficient….

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The 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show took place at the end of November. It’s an amazing showcase for new car models that auto manufacturers plan to unleash upon their global markets in 2015. It’s also a showcase for a segment of the automotive industry that doesn’t get big attention outside the industry. It’s a segment…

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Data collected from production and better collaboration between the various parts of an organization can lead to fewer disruptions, increased utilization of manufacturing resources and more efficient planning. So says one of the founders of IFS, Ulf Stern, in an article published in Sweden’s Dagens Industri journal in November. What he was saying was that…

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General Motors has issued about 70 recalls in the course of 2014, as of this writing. These recalls are enumerated here, by CNN. These recalls affect as few as five and as many as 3 million vehicles. I am not sure that list is even complete. I myself just last week received a recall notice for…

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The automotive supply chain is far more complex than it used to be, a fact Morgan clearly knows. In early September, Morgan Motor Company, the British sports car manufacturer, said they had chosen IFS Applications as their new ERP solution. The company began an 18-month implementation program in August to enable all departments within the business…

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After suffering for years during and through the aftermath of the global financial crisis, the automotive industry is on a growth track, with 3 percent expansion expected for 2014. While this certainly is good news for the industry, what does this growth mean for the business processes that underpin the industry, and the enterprise software…

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global erp

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Most enterprise resource planning (ERP) software products have the capability to handle businesses that operate from multiple sites, even when these sites are in different countries or on different continents. But in this month’s interview edition of the IFS Radio Network, IFS process manufacturing and supply chain expert Jakob Björklund discusses the finer points of achieving…

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The concept of “just-in-time” manufacturing could have been invented for the automotive industry, one with tight supply chains that demand highly-integrated and specially-designed ERP software. But there’s a gap, one that I believe isn’t being addressed and could place even the most sophisticated automotive manufacturer at risk. The gap is packaging. Here’s my central premise:…

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