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In the new IT-ready workplace, businesses really have no excuse to ignore the obvious benefits that demand forecasting brings. What do you do when it starts to rain? Just hope it stops soon or reach for that demand forecasting-shaped umbrella? Enabling greater control, longevity and productivity, demand forecasting helps to reduce costs in quiet periods…

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Gartner crowd

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One conference that I always enjoy going to is the Gartner Symposium because I always gain insight into topics that interest me as well as listen to their predictions about the future. This year, I will be part of a strong IFS presence at two Gartner Symposiums – Orlando, Florida from October 4-8; and Barcelona,…

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How do we create a business process that offers the distinct attributes needed to support the company’s strategies and create competitive advantage? How do we find an ERP broad yet specific enough to provide real business agility? This is a move for ERP up the value chain. An investment in ERP is not just a way to get a modern, supported and cost effective replacement of an outdated ERP, but a key component on the path to strategic alignment.

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3D manufacturing

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If you’re anything like me, you’re finding it increasingly difficult to be (and stay) wowed by the spectacular feats of 3D printing (and similar manufacturing methods). Not because it’s an irrelevant technology – quite the opposite. 3D printing is already an established part of the manufacturing industry, especially when it comes to R&D, prototyping, or…

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Since 1998, NEC have been a valued partner of IFS, and one success factor of the partnership is the similarities in culture that we both share. Both NEC and IFS have an open and collaborative way of working which means, from an operational point of view, that both companies have been “Empowered By Innovation.” This…

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The reasons that companies choose IFS Applications can often be many and varied, but for US agricultural machinery manufacturer Miller-St. Nazianz, they needed something to accommodate growth and maintain their leadership in their industry. This was broken down into four areas: 1. System Integration Having an ERP system that is modern and open to allow…

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Foxhound Patrol Vehicle in Afghanistan

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Many would argue that the Digital Thread is the next major disruptive technology, but for it to really take-off, first we must look deep into how it works within the existing enterprise and understand a workable road map. First – just what is this Digital Thread? The concept is straight forward. Digital Thread in the…

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Data collected from production and better collaboration between the various parts of an organization can lead to fewer disruptions, increased utilization of manufacturing resources and more efficient planning. So says one of the founders of IFS, Ulf Stern, in an article published in Sweden’s Dagens Industri journal in November. What he was saying was that…

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In A&D, the manufacturing market is becoming more concentrated. By this I mean we often have multiple, complex relationships between contractors, based on complex contractual agreements and varying levels of capabilities. No wonder that organizations are looking to manage the end-to-end manufacturing process in a simple manner in order to operate successfully. And putting in…

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One of the perks of my role as Industry Director is that I get to spend a lot of time with customers and prospects, helping to better understand their challenges and objectives. This involves getting to visit some of the most cutting-edge and innovative factories around the globe. The factory of the future is a…

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