Meet with IFS at NRF 2016

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The retail year of 2016 is kicking off with a bang as the industry’s biggest fair, NRF, hosted in New York January 17-20. As retail is one of IFS’s fastest growing segments we will be there to talk about industry trends, our solution for Retail and our customers. Welcome to meet with IFS at our…

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Industry Predictions

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IFS’s Global Industry Director for the retail sector, Ulf Tillander, predicts how three key trends will be impacting the industry during 2016. Shoppers will reject retailers who don’t offer a true omni-channel retail experience The retail industry is experiencing a shift – the customers are switching between online and physical store contacts as they see…

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Odette 2015

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What I saw and heard at Odette 2015. During the first week of December, I joined over 250 decision-makers and experts from across the global automotive industry at Odette 2015 in Munich. I attended many interesting presentations and had some great discussions on the IFS exhibition stand. I’d like to share some of my impressions…

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Automotive Industry

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Asia will be the biggest car manufacturer worldwide within the next few years, but Europe will continue to lead in research and development Over the last ten years, there has been significant growth in European and American automotive manufacturers running operations in China. Consequently, it has been one of the fastest places of growth in…

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Process Manufacturing

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2016 will be another year for businesses in the process industry to watch and learn. In 2016, we will see a significant increase in process manufacturing companies collecting transactional data and exploring the Internet of Things (IoT) to increase traceability. IoT is still relatively new to process manufacturing, though, so things aren’t going to happen overnight….

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Oil & Gas

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In 2016, the oil and gas industry will jump on the opportunity that big data presents. In 2016, the oil and gas industry will jump on the opportunity that big data presents: machine-learning strategies will become ubiquitous as oil and gas companies start rolling out condition-based maintenance; meanwhile equipment suppliers will move increasingly to a…

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Automotive is a fast-moving industry and keeping up with the latest trends, opportunities and threats is a major challenge. This is why IFS takes part in the Odette Conference 2015 which brings together decision makers and experts from across the global automotive industry to make keeping up just a little bit easier. Odette 2015 takes…

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Supply Chain Segmentation

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To measure your supply chain’s performance, take a look at these three variables. Two years ago I had the pleasure of participating in Gartner’s Supply Chain Executive Conference in London. I joined a couple of presentations about supply chain segmentation that I found really interesting. I went home and wrote a couple of blog posts…

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Morgan Motor Company

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The automotive supply chain is far more complex than it used to be, a fact Morgan clearly knows. In early September, Morgan Motor Company, the British sports car manufacturer, said they had chosen IFS Applications as their new ERP solution. The company began an 18-month implementation program in August to enable all departments within the business…

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A quick view into the reverse logistics marketplace

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There is no one model that defines the reverse logistics marketplace. After attending a couple of conferences regarding reverse logistics, I have had time to gather some thoughts about the people I had the opportunity to talk to and the presentations I had the opportunity to attend. One thing is pretty clear: there is no…

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