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Conversational AI

by   |    |   6 minutes  |  in Customer Engagement, Service Management

What happens when your contact center is ready to stop talking about chatbots or conversational AI and wants to move something into action? The potential for AI and virtual assistance is vast and inspiring to executives and service leaders but knowing where to begin and how to develop an effective strategy is illusive and paralyzing…

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AI success

by   |    |   3 minutes  |  in Customer Engagement, Service Management

When you ask customers what they want from their experiences with your organization, simplicity and ease top their list. Furthermore, they want to know that they can trust whomever is providing them with service.  For those reasons, customers may respond negatively when they realize that a machine, not a human, is providing them with service….

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Man in hardhat

by   |    |   3 minutes  |  in Service Management

A recent Forrester research study pointed out that organizations leading in customer experience outshined laggards by a significant margin in terms of compound average revenue growth. Geofencing can play a vital role here, creating opportunities for organizations to expand relationships with customers and create a more valuable service experience. Geofences are virtual geographical fences set…

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by   |    |   2 minutes  |  in Creativity & Innovation, Digital Transformation, Manufacturing

I can’t help but feel inspired after a day of inspirational presentations and conversations with manufacturing companies, including ABB, Atlas Copco, and BillerudKorsnäs who were all amongst the speakers at the Industri 4.0 event, covering digitalization, AI and IoT. I want to share with you my key take-aways from the event. As Björn Jonsson from…

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Integrating AI

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When adding artificial intelligence to your organization, the best first step is to create a plan for integrating AI and robotics into the omni-channel experience that you’ve already developed. It doesn’t mean that you need to change everything about the customer experience just because you’re implementing new capabilities. In fact, implementing robotics and artificial intelligence…

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by   |    |   3 minutes  |  in Automotive, Manufacturing

The automotive industry is already in the middle of huge market change. Cars and commercial vehicles are getting smarter, and global production continues to rise in almost every major geography – more than 80 million passenger cars were produced in 2017. These two factors are having a huge influence on how manufacturers design, build and…

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by   |    |   5 minutes  |  in Creativity & Innovation, IFS Labs

Well, at least I don’t believe that. They will definitely change the how we work or, even better, how we work and learn. The aging workforce I wrote this blog on my 40th birthday…and in the older definitions the “aging workforce” was defined as working individuals aged 40 years or older. However, living and working…

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by   |    |   4 minutes  |  in Business Technology, Service Management

The simple act of returning products, parts and subcomponents back into inventory involves multiple steps and business entities—from the customer to your service organization, supply chain, receiving departments, subcontractors and even a repair depot operation. Not all software has the functionality to effectively manage reverse logistics which risks potential lost revenue, missed service-level agreements and…

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by   |    |   3 minutes  |  in Energy and Utilities

In these turbulent times who can really tell if the oil price recovery can be sustained, with sanctions, on-going trade wars, natural disasters and confusion around government policy concerning the off-shore industry’s long-term viability? What we do know is that companies operating in this sector today need to be ever more efficient and aware of…

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