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Last week I joined the IFS team as Field Service Evangelist and Director of Service Management Business Development. For those of you reading this that aren’t familiar with my background, I’ve spent the past decade as the Editor in Chief of Field Technologies. I developed Field Technologies to provide guidance for service organizations on how…

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IFS recently appointed Alan Laing as managing director for UK & Ireland to drive growth for all of IFS’s products, services, and channels in this strategically important region. Having spent more than 25 years in the technology sector, Alan brings invaluable experience to the business along with a passion for engaging with customers. In this…

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In my previous blog, I outlined key trends facing engineering, construction & infrastructure organizations – digital transformation, Building Information Modelling (BIM) and the digital asset lifecycle model, embracing construction-integrated manufacturing and exploiting new service and facilities management revenues. The overall conclusion was that the non-integrated business systems and processes used by most companies today will…

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“AI” is one of the most overused technology buzzwords of the last 2-3 years.  But the term is not going anywhere, so I’d like to make a plea on behalf of the weary: when talking about AI, don’t stop the conversation at ‘shiny new technology’.  Instead, continue to shift the AI conversation: why consider investing…

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IFS recently announced the appointment of Gabrielle Deeny as Global Head of Alliances and Channels to spearhead the growth and expand the reach of the IFS Partner Network. Gabrielle has a strong international business background and experience of successfully leading alliances in both large and specialist companies. This gives her a great perspective on what…

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In my last blog post we took a look at DDMRP as a concept and the ideas behind it. In this blog we will examine the five steps that define DDMRP. Not all parts are buffered, most parts will still be planned with ordinary MRP logic also when DDMRP is used. The following is not…

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With IFRS16 and ASC842 coming into force on 1st January 2019 lease accounting is set to change. Here I discuss the challenges, impacts, and benefits these standards are bringing, and suggest ways systems such as IFS Applications can assist the user. Lease accounting from January 2019 For both IFRS and US GAAP, IFRS16 and ASC842…

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Airline Maintenance Header

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Airlines face a constant battle to win more passengers, reach new destinations and grow profits. But as new, often lower-cost carriers enter the market and disruptive technologies continue to break new ground, the best way for existing carriers to ensure competitiveness is not just to splash cash on luxury services or drive down fares –…

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