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Change or die. It is a pretty simple concept!

And that is why IFS is devoting substantial resources (see the first in our series of business agility whitepapers) to making the case for increased business agility, not only in the thinking of executives and the intelligentsia, but in the technology infrastructure that holds an enterprise-class business together.

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As products themselves become mere commodities, we need to differentiate ourselves through services. And that is more difficult than it sounds, particularly in complex business-t0-business service management settings. Nor is it a simple matter in consumer-facing environments where customers have become accustomed to the convenience of interaction via simplified digital channels. In this month’s IFS…

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IFS Podcast

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Slap on those earbuds, hit play, and get the latest on what IFS has going on in these exciting industries! IFS Applications is a better choice than competing enterprise software products for project-based, service-focused and asset-centric industries. In this month’s episode of the IFS Radio Network podcast series, we review recent customer news in sectors…

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The concepts behind reliability centered maintenance (RCM) are about 40 years old, but there is a growing interest in RCM now among asset-intensive industries like those in the oil and gas industry. But there is another stripe of RCM — RCM II — that to me anyway seemed poorly understood even among industry insiders. So…

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IFS's 2013 financial results

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In this breaking news segment of the IFS Radio Network, IFS CEO Alastair Sorbie and CFO Paul Smith discuss 2013 financial results, including a 20 percent increase in revenue over the previous year. This podcast series is perhaps the easiest way to get news of IFS and insight into critical enterprise resource planning, enterprise asset…

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Selecting and implementing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is something most companies, if they are fortunate, only do every 15 years or so. That means that it is hard to build the skill set necessary to run a successful selection and implementation. In this month’s extended interview segment of the IFS Radio Network podcast series,…

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Companies in the energy sector are getting a lot of attention these days. New and innovative technologies are making more and more natural gas available to meet the needs of the power generation industry. Offshore oil and gas operations are reaching a new level of sophistication from the Gulf of Mexico to the North Sea….

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Anyone in the United States military command or in the executive ranks of the aerospace industry knows auditability has been and continues to be a perennial issue and a long term problem across all branches of service. Section 1003 of the 2010 Federal Defense Authorization Act was congress’ way of forcing the Pentagon towards greater…

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IFS’ first customer was a nuclear power plant. And anyone who works for or is close to IFS will have heard the story about how the company’s earnest, diligent founders pitched a tent on the grounds of that plant so they could work double shifts and complete the computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) on schedule….

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